The Enigmatic Feline of Pinocchio: Uncovering the Cat’s True Name


If you’ve ever watched or read the classic tale of Pinocchio, you may have found yourself wondering about the identity of a certain feline character. The cat, who plays a crucial role in the story, remains nameless throughout much of the narrative. But fear not, dear reader, for we are here to answer the iconic question – what is the name of the cat in Pinocchio? Join us as we delve into the heartwarming tale and reveal the true identity of this beloved character.

One of the most beloved and iconic characters from the classic children’s story, Pinocchio, is the famous talking cat. Despite its small role in the original tale, the feline has captured the hearts of readers and audiences alike. Due to its memorable appearance and humorous dialogue, many have wondered what the name of the cat in Pinocchio actually is. In this article, we will dive into the origins of this character and uncover its true identity.

The Cat’s Role in Pinocchio

Before revealing the name of the cat in Pinocchio, let’s first explore its role in the story. The talking cat appears in Chapter 7 of the original book written by Italian author Carlo Collodi in 1883. In this chapter, Pinocchio meets the cat and his companion, the fox, while on his way to school.

The cat is described as a “dapper-looking” feline who speaks in a suave and sophisticated manner. It introduces itself as the “first gentleman of the court” and offers to teach Pinocchio how to make easy money. The fox then joins in on the conversation and together they convince Pinocchio to join them on an adventure to the Land of Toys.

Throughout their journey, the cat and the fox manipulate and deceive Pinocchio, leading him astray from his goal of becoming a real boy. However, in the end, the cat and the fox are ultimately punished for their actions, while Pinocchio learns a valuable lesson about the consequences of lying and being gullible.

The Original Name of the Cat

Now, onto the main question – what is the name of the cat in Pinocchio? Interestingly enough, the talking cat does not have a specific name in the original Italian version of the book. It is simply referred to as “il gatto” which translates to “the cat”. This is due to the fact that in Italian fairytale tradition, animals are not typically given individual names.

However, in many translations and adaptations of Pinocchio, the cat is often given a name. For example, in the 1940 Disney animated film, the cat is named Figaro. This name has become the most popular and recognized name for the Pinocchio cat. However, it should be noted that this name was never mentioned in the original book.

Alternative Names for the Cat

While Figaro is the most popular name for the cat, there have been other alternative names used in various adaptations of Pinocchio. Some versions refer to the cat as Romeo, while others use the name Lucifer. These names are often used to add more depth and character development to the talking cat, making it more than just a minor character in the story.

In some retellings of the story, the cat is also given a different type of animal identity. For example, in the 1996 live-action film, the cat is portrayed as a cunning and conniving fox instead of a feline. This change in species reflects the cat’s sly nature and manipulative ways in the original tale.

The Cat’s True Identity

Despite the various names and identities given to the cat in Pinocchio, its true identity lies in its role as a symbolic character. Throughout the story, the cat represents the theme of deceit and the consequences of lying. Its actions and interactions with Pinocchio reinforce the idea that dishonesty will lead to trouble and disappointment.

In addition, the cat also serves as a mirror to Pinocchio’s own flaws. Its smooth-talking and charismatic demeanor entices Pinocchio to join in on its schemes, much like how the puppet’s own naivety and gullibility causes him to fall into temptation. Therefore, the cat’s true identity is not in its name, but in its function as a cautionary character in the story.


In conclusion, while the talking cat in Pinocchio may not have a definitive name, its presence in the story is far more significant. Whether it goes by the name Figaro, Romeo, or Lucifer, the feline’s role as a deceptive and manipulative character teaches readers and audiences an important lesson about honesty and responsibility.

Next time you revisit this beloved tale, remember that the cat’s name may be a mystery, but its impact on the story is certainly not. And as for Pinocchio, let’s hope he learned his lesson and stays away from cunning animals in the future.

In conclusion, the answer to the iconic question of what is the name of the cat in Pinocchio has finally been revealed. This mysterious feline, who played a crucial role in the classic tale, goes by the name of Figaro. While many have speculated and debated about the true identity of this beloved character, our exploration has led us to the definitive answer. Now, whenever you revisit the story of Pinocchio, you can confidently call out Figaro’s name and fully immerse yourself in this timeless tale. Let Figaro’s true identity add an extra layer of magic and wonder to your reading experience.

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