How Drew Lynch’s Service Dog Changed His Life


Comedy is often thought of as a seamless flow of words and wit, but for comedian Drew Lynch, it’s a bit more complicated. Diagnosed with a stutter after a sports injury, Lynch was faced with the challenge of pursuing his dreams of becoming a stand-up comic. But with the help of his trusty sidekick, a service dog named Stella, Lynch has been able to overcome obstacles and achieve success. In this article, we’ll delve into the heartwarming story of how Drew Lynch’s bond with his service dog has not only changed his life, but also continues to inspire others. So why does Drew Lynch need a service dog? Let’s find out.

Why Does Drew Lynch Need a Service Dog?

Drew Lynch is a talented stand-up comedian who rose to fame after appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2015. His witty humor and unique perspective have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. However, what sets Drew apart from other comedians is his stutter. Instead of letting it hold him back, Drew has embraced his stutter and uses it as part of his act.

Despite his success, Drew faces daily challenges due to his stutter. That’s where his service dog, Stella, comes in. Stella is not just a pet, but a crucial part of Drew’s life. In this article, we will explore why Drew Lynch needs a service dog and how their bond has changed his life.

Understanding Service Dogs

Service dogs are highly trained animals that assist individuals with disabilities. They are trained to perform specific tasks that help their owners navigate their daily lives. These tasks can include opening doors, retrieving items, and even calling for help in case of an emergency.

Service dogs differ from therapy dogs, which provide comfort and support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, or schools. Unlike therapy dogs, service dogs have access rights to public places, including restaurants, malls, and airplanes.

Drew Lynch’s Stutter and How Stella Helps

Drew Lynch’s stutter is a result of a sports injury that he suffered at the age of 20. The injury damaged his vocal cords, leaving him with a lifetime stutter. Despite this challenge, Drew remained determined to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian.

However, Drew’s stutter can still affect him on stage, making it difficult for him to deliver his jokes seamlessly. That’s where Stella comes in. Stella is trained to recognize when Drew is struggling and provide him with emotional support. She does this by standing between Drew’s legs or placing her paw on his foot, which helps him relax and regain control of his speech.

Moreover, Stella also helps Drew with practical tasks, such as picking up items that he may drop or retrieving his phone when he needs it. These may seem like small tasks, but for someone with a stutter, they can be extremely challenging and sometimes even embarrassing. With Stella’s help, Drew can navigate through his daily routine with ease.

The Emotional Support Animal Controversy

It’s worth mentioning that service dogs are different from emotional support animals (ESAs). ESAs provide comfort and companionship to individuals with mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. However, unlike service dogs, ESAs are not trained to perform specific tasks and do not have access rights to public places.

There has been some controversy surrounding the use of emotional support animals, with some people falsely claiming their pets as ESAs to gain access to public places. This has led to some businesses and airlines implementing stricter rules and regulations regarding ESAs.

But in Drew’s case, Stella is a well-trained service dog who helps him overcome his stutter and navigate through his daily life. She is not just an emotional support animal, but a vital part of Drew’s routine and livelihood.

The Bond Between Drew and Stella

Like any owner and their pet, Drew and Stella share a close bond. They have been together for over six years, and Stella has been by Drew’s side through the ups and downs of his journey to becoming a successful comedian.

In an interview with NBC News, Drew said, “I think Stella knows how to assess a situation better than anyone I know, and she has prevented me from unnecessary stress and anxiety in a lot of different ways.” This statement speaks volumes about the strong bond that Drew and Stella share.

Moreover, Drew and Stella’s bond goes beyond just work. They also enjoy spending time together outside of Drew’s performances. Drew often takes Stella to play at the park or accompanies her on hikes. Stella’s presence not only helps Drew with his stutter but also brings immense joy and companionship to his life.

The Impact of Service Dogs on Individuals with Disabilities

Service dogs can have a profound impact on individuals with disabilities. For Drew Lynch, Stella is not just a helpful companion, but also an integral part of his life. In an interview with NBC News, Drew said, “Stella has proved to be much more than I needed. She’s brought me joy and companionship in times where it was hard to find.”

Similarly, for people with physical disabilities, service dogs can provide a sense of independence and freedom. These animals are trained to assist their owners in tasks that may have been challenging or impossible on their own.

Furthermore, service dogs can also provide emotional support to individuals with mental health issues. They offer unconditional love and can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


In conclusion, Drew Lynch’s service dog, Stella, plays a vital role in his life. As a comedian with a stutter, Drew faces daily challenges that most of us cannot comprehend. But with Stella’s help, he is able to tackle these challenges with confidence and ease.

Stella is not just a pet to Drew, but a loyal and dedicated service dog who assists him in practical tasks and provides emotional support. Their bond is evident, and together, they prove that service dogs are more than just animals; they are valuable companions and helpers to individuals with disabilities.

Drew Lynch and Stella’s story is a testament to the incredible impact that service dogs can have on people’s lives. They show us that with determination, love, and support, we can overcome any obstacle that life throws our way.

In conclusion, Drew Lynch’s story is a testament to the incredible bond that can be formed between humans and animals. His reliance on his service dog for support has not only helped him overcome his stutter and achieve success in his comedy career, but it has also enriched his life in countless ways. The unconditional love and unwavering support of his service dog have allowed Drew to conquer his fears and push past his limitations, showing us all the true power of a strong human-animal connection. As we continue to learn more about the benefits of service dogs, it is important to remember the impact they can have on individuals like Drew and the incredible difference they make in their lives. Drew Lynch and his service dog are an inspiration to us all, reminding us to never give up and to always appreciate the companionship and support of our furry friends.

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